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Three Ways To Alleviate Stress During Your Break

Job Upon April 7, 2022

Certain jobs naturally cause more stress than others, and it's normal for things to be that way. However, workers still need to take the time to de-stress throughout the day to maintain adequate mental health and wellness. The following are some tips for alleviating your stress during your breaks:

Do a Mini-Meditation or Prayer Session

You may need to step outside to the car and close your eyes for a few minutes. Prayer and meditation are the most effective remedies for high adrenaline and stress. Learning the proper breathing techniques is crucial to your success, though. You can find a plenitude of information about meditation online. As for prayers, they don't have a specific format. You can speak to your higher power at any time and use any style you desire.

Have a Calming Cup of Tea

You may want to take some tea bags with you to work to have during your breaks. Chamomile, lemon balm, and peppermint are excellent for relieving stress. You can even purchase a branded mix made especially for stress, like "Cup of Calm" by Traditional Medicinals. Pour yourself a nice, warm cup and sit in a quiet place for five to 10 minutes of your break, and you'll see excellent results.

Watch Five Minutes of Comedy

Watching a quick comedy clip might help you if you're someone who responds well to videos. Open your phone's browser and travel to the YouTube page. There, you'll find an extensive category of standup comedians, funny skits, and some TV shows that will bring you to tears. Take a few minutes to focus on laughing because it will change your brain's chemical makeup and help you relax afterward. You can do it as many times as necessary to bring yourself to a positive mindset.

Try these quick de-stressing techniques because they can fit into any type of break. You might find that your days go much more smoothly.