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Three Ways to Adjust to a 10 to 12-Hour Work Shift

Job Upon May 10, 2021

Long work shifts can take a toll on your body and mind, even if they're not highly physical in nature. The following are some tips for surviving and staying vibrant if you have to work a 10 or 12-hour shift on your job:

Eat a Nutritious Meal

The food you ingest is the most vital aspect of staying energetic. You'll need to eat foods that will keep you satisfied while you work and keep your blood sugar levels balanced so that you don't dip off into fatigue. It's best to eat foods that contain iron, B vitamins, and plenty of proteins to keep your muscles healthy at all times. Start your days with full-course breakfasts and a nice cup of vitamin C to keep you going. Furthermore, don't forget to get an adequate amount of water in your system. Try to drink eight cups of pure water daily.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

You will also need to ensure that your clothing is comfortable. It should be comfortable enough to keep your temperature regulated and comfortable enough to keep your extremities from experience pain. Your shoes should be of high quality and supportive nature, for example. This is especially true if you work inside a warehouse environment. You need to wear shoes or boots that add layers of cushioning and take some of the stress off your heels as you work.

Use Catnaps as a Tool

You'll get a break at some point during your time on the job. This would be the best time to get a catnap. A catnap can work wonders for you, even if your breaks are only 15 to 30-minutes long. You can get enough rest to feel refreshed and clear-headed by lying down for at least 10 minutes. Catnaps are sometimes wonderful tools because they allow people to rest without putting them into a deeper sleep stage. The result is a perky wakeup and no grogginess.

The above-mentioned tips should help you survive much better in your new job. You can try one of them or all of them to succeed. What's most important is that you have more endurance and stamina in the end.