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The Role of Social Media in the Modern Job Search

Job Upon September 11, 2019

When someone is looking for a job, one of the most overlooked factors is the role that social media will play. Without a doubt, social media has completely changed the way that people connect with other people. Social media helps individuals stay connected to family members and friends that they would have otherwise lost touch with. Of course, there are also stories of social media negatively impacting someone's reputation as well. With this in mind, social media can have multiple impacts on the modern job search.

Social Media Improves Connectivity: The Job Search

First, social media can help someone become more connected. Many people use social media to locate job availabilities. Some companies even openly post that they are offering interviews for certain positions that they have available. Even Linked In, a form of social media, plays a critical role in the recruitment process for some of the top companies in the world. Those who are looking for a job need to use social media to help them in their search.

Controlling Social Media: The Impression Matters

On the other hand, social media can also negatively impact someone's chances of landing a job. There are many companies, and even graduate school programs, that incorporate social media into their decision regarding whether or not to hire someone. Social media is connected through the internet, making it accessible to anyone. It is not unusual for companies to go through someone's social media profiles to see whether or not they would like to hire that person. If anything compromising is on those pages, it may cost that person a job offer.

Use Social Media the Right Way

There are many people who are out there looking for a job and nobody should have their chances hurt by their social media profiles. Think carefully about the information that is present on those profiles. Then, use social media in a positive way. Connect with possible employers and use social media profiles to demonstrate a hardworking, compassionate, and dedicated employee. This can help someone's chances of getting hired.