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Skills to Master in a Social Distancing (Working from Home) World

Job Upon August 18, 2020

As social distancing and working from home becomes the new normal, it is time for job seekers and employees to embrace the mastering of a few new skills. In fact, employers have changed the skills they’re looking for in employees. While team players are still essential, the focus is gradually shifting to skills that are necessary to succeed when working outside the office rather than in. These are a few high-demand skills essential in a social distancing work environment.


For most workers, working from home is still a new and unique experience. Some have taken to the home working environment like fish to water, while others have struggled to make the adjustment. The ability to adapt to new situations is one, employers have learned to value as those who have adapted well continue to do good work for the company – even without constant supervision.


The honest truth is that you have to be your own tech support team when you work from home. This means you’ll have to deal with networking errors and troubleshoot disconnects in video and/or sound as you work to make vital meetings with the team. You need to understand how tech works and think fast on your feet to find workable solutions until you have time to give your current technical difficulties the attention they require.

Attention to Detail

Because you’re working largely on your own when you work from home, it is more important than ever to pay attention to details and make sure you have everything right before you send it on to the next level. Double and triple check everything before turning it in when you work from home.

Work Ethic

For some people, this is the most difficult skill to cultivate. It’s something that is internal for those who have it – as natural as breathing. For those who do not, it is more difficult to fake productivity when you’re working on your own. You have to put in your time every day to get the job done and take care of the tasks assigned to you. People will know if you’re slacking and it is more difficult to disguise when you work from home.

These skills can make a world of difference for your advancement and your hireability. Cultivate them today to enjoy greater success in the remote workplace.