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Should You Put Short Job Experiences on Your Resume?

Job Upon September 7, 2022

Short job experiences typically last fewer than 90 days. You might wonder if you should put these items on your resume or leave them out. These are some points for and against doing so.

Reasons To Add Short Periods of Employment

These are some viable reasons to add short jobs to your resume:

To Fill in Gaps

Listing a short-term job can add substance to your resume during a time when you are in between work. That brief period of employment can show the prospective employer that you weren't idle or unproductive at any time.

To Establish Relevancy

Another reason to consider adding a short working stint is to establish relevancy. For example, it might be beneficial to add a temporary job you had in the IT field if you're applying for a similar position. It can be helpful if your experience in IT is not very long as well.

To Show a Recent Experience

Perhaps you want to show prospective employers that you recently held a job. Adding short-term employment can keep you high in the candidacy for the position you desire.

Reasons To Avoid Short-Term Jobs

These are some reasons to consider omitting a short-term job:

To Prevent Drawing Attention To It

Listing a brief employment experience will bring attention to it and cause your prospective employer to question it. You may want to leave it out if you don't want to approach the subject.

If Listing It Doesn't Add Value

When crafting a well-performing resume, you should only include jobs that add value to the document. Thus, you don't need to add your short position if it cannot help you.

If You Were Terminated

Another reason to think about leaving a brief job is if you were terminated. Maybe you didn't pass the probationary period, or a life circumstance caused you to lose your job. In that case, it might be wise to leave it out of the resume.

Deciding what to put on your resume is a personal decision. Think about the pros and cons mentioned above and make the decision that will benefit you in your job search.