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Preparing for a Career in a Social Distancing World

Job Upon May 20, 2020

During the months of May and June many people are leaving the hallowed halls of learning to embark on new careers. This year, you’re entering a business world that is faced with unique challenges and roadblocks. Social distancing is one of those challenges. Even as some industries return to business as usual, there are new norms in place to consider as you prepare for your career. These tips will help.

Embrace Technology

Young people today grew up with technology at the ready. This should not be a foreign concept for you. However, where once job interviews were held in purpose, they are now being conducted via video conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, and others. Learn to let your personality shine through when conducting interviews online.

Use Social Media for Networking

Social media is your friend during a social distancing pandemic. While the current COVID-19 crisis will someday pass, social distancing may become the new normal as fears rise over concerns of the next big pandemic. Social media sites like LinkedIn, in particular, can be instrumental in helping you land the job you seek in the career you desire.

Create a Web Presence with a Portfolio or Blog

Creating a website, portfolio, or blog online can help you showcase your talents, tenacity, and skills in a way that will resonate with potential employers. Make sure you include the link on your resume, in your cover letters, on social media, and anywhere you can make your presence felt. It might not seem like a lot, but this is yet another way to reach out to potential employers, digitally.

Remember Social Distancing Etiquette for In-Person Interviews

While most first, and even second interviews, are conducted via technology (phone, video conferencing, etc.) there will eventually come a time when employers feel you must meet face-to-face before they hire you. When this occurs, remember social distancing. Don’t shake hands, stand six-feet apart, etc. to make a great impression and to protect the safety of all involved.

Starting a new career in a social distancing world may present new challenges, but these are things you can do to overcome those challenges.