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Keep Track of Your Dream Job Hunt with These Foolproof Tips

Job Upon September 14, 2023

Looking for a new job? Job hunting can be challenging, especially when you're juggling several applications at once. When you start to apply for jobs, it's critical to keep track of every application you've sent out and the details of each interview scheduled. This helps you stay organized and prepared in case you receive a call back. In this article, we'll give you some tips on how to effectively keep track of your job applications and hopefully land your dream job.

Create a spreadsheet

One of the simplest ways to track your job applications is by creating a spreadsheet. Use a free platform like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel that you can access anywhere. Create columns for important data such as company name, job title, date applied, application status, and notes. You can also add filters and sort columns so you can stay on top of your job search process. It may be basic, but it's effective.

Use a job search platform

Utilize job search websites or apps like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, or Monster can help you keep track of your applications. Most of these platforms allow you to save applications to your profile, and you can manage each application's status and notes. Another great feature of using these platforms is that it will help you personalize your application materials for a specific job. Ensure that your job search settings are customized correctly, so you only get notified about the type of jobs you want to apply for.

Set up an email folder

Another way to keep track of your job applications is to create a separate email folder for them. This helps you keep all application-related emails organized in one spot. Once you get a confirmation email from a company, move it to the folder. This folder can also be utilized to review reminders about an upcoming interview and emails from hiring managers. You don't have to spend hours hunting for unorganized emails anymore.

Follow up on applications

Some jobs may receive an overwhelming number of applications, and it can be easy for your application to go unnoticed on their end. To avoid this, it's essential to follow up on our submitted applications. This ensures a hiring manager sees your application and improves the chances of receiving a call back. You can follow up around a week after you apply to show that you are interested in the position and eager to hear back. Don't take the lack of response as a sign of rejection.

Make a to-do list

Sometimes job applications feel like they take up your whole day, from scrolling through job openings to follow-up emails. Make a to-do list or a schedule to help you manage your job search. Allocate time to each task for the day, from researching job positions to creating a cover letter. This helps you stay within a designated timeframe and avoid burnout. Remember to include reminders for follow-ups & interviews.

Job hunting can be a stressful process, but staying organized with a comprehensive tracking system makes all the difference. Implementing the above tips can help you stay efficient and effective in your job search. If you continue to apply for jobs without tracking them, it is easy to get confused about your application details and potentially miss out on your dream job. Stay focused, stay organized, and good luck with the job hunt!