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How to Request to Work From Home and Get It

Job Upon November 11, 2021

Whether you’ve had to transition to working from home due to the pandemic or if you had a taste of working from home one day and liked it, you may want to continue this situation indefinitely. Working from home can be great. You have more freedom and many people say that they can get more done in less time without the distractions of the office environment. But unless your boss is on board with your plan, it can be hard to make this a permanent deal. Here’s how to request to work from home and actually get it.

Report in Often

When you do work from home part-time, report into the office often. This will give your boss the feeling like you truly are working at home and not loafing off. It will also make your boss trust you more and let the boss see that you can be mature and make smart decisions about how best to conduct your work.

Set up a Good Home Workspace

Even without office distractions, it can be hard to get work done at home if you’re constantly searching for a pencil, can’t connect to the internet or having to clean your kid’s peanut butter fingerprints off of client contracts. Set up a functional home workspace where you can work undistracted from family and other home obligations that shouldn’t be infringing on your workday.

Do Better Than Best

It will be hard, but you’ve got to really impress the boss by doing better than your best work so far. Make your boss see that you really thrive from a work-at-home situation. Exceed your boss’s expectations in every regard, so they can validate any decision they make regarding your work at home status. Don’t forget, your boss has a boss, too. If the department suffers because you’re working from home, your boss will have to take the heat for it.

Finally, you may have to baby step your boss. First, ask for one day working from home. When that goes well, ask for another one, and so on. Before long, you’ll be working from home full-time and loving it!