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How to Negotiate Your Pay Rate After Receiving a Job Offer

Job Upon January 11, 2021

Getting a job offer for a job you truly desire is an exhilarating occurrence. However, the first job offer you get might not contain the pay rate you want. Employers usually don't offer the highest they can give you on the first offer. Therefore, you might have to do some negotiating to get the rate you desire. Here are some tips for negotiating your pay rate:

Thank Them for Considering You

The first thing you should always do before you negotiate your pay rate is to thank the employer for giving you the opportunity to work for them. Let them know that you appreciate that they selected you out of the many people they could have hired, and you are honored to come on board.

Ask if They Can Do Better

You have to carry the right tone when you ask a prospective employer if they can raise your pay rate. It's acceptable to ask them if there's any possibility that they can do better. You can mention your traveling expenses if you have to go a long distance to get there. Family obligations are a tricky subject. It may work for some employers, but for others, it might send a message that they won't be fully committed to the job. Tread this area very lightly.

Remind Them of Your Skills

Now is the perfect time to praise yourself and talk about all the positive attributes you're going to be bringing to the table at this establishment. Remind them of any accomplishments that you may have achieved at a former job and any profits you brought to the company. Let them know that you are fully committed to being an asset to the company and aiding in its growth. You have to make the employer feel as if they are investing in something that will give them a return. You're worth it, so don't skip the opportunity to ask for more. You just might get it.

Try these tactics the next time you get a job offer. You might be surprised to find that your prospective employer might be willing to give you something extra.