Career Advice

Getting a Great Job in the Gig Economy

Job Upon Jan 9, 2019

How do you land a great job with security and benefits in a world where no one wants to give either? It may not be easy, but there is a path to this increasingly rare find. Take the following best practices to heart.


Are you the best in the business at an industry standard procedure or program? You gain a lot of leverage this way. If you do not have a specialization in your field, target an accredited certification in an industry standard.


Companies handing out long term benefits are looking for people who hit the ground running on day one and expand their utility over time. Let your resume showcase your ability to pick up new skills as you go and take on added responsibilities, including the management of people.


Great communication skills translate well in every company. Enterprise level companies (those with long term jobs and benefits) are always looking for people who can streamline the translation process between companies. Although you should be a specialist as stated above, the best candidates know how to talk in the lingo of other department heads.


There is no such thing as overtime in the land of great jobs. You are expected to do the unexpected. If you believe in a company enough to eventually reward you for time served, then you should be unafraid to put in that time. You can figure out the companies that appreciate their employees from anonymous organization review sites like Glassdoor.


Millennials are all the rage in the gig economy. You may want to showcase a presence that harkens back to the old school for a long term gig, however. Baby Boomers are still making the top level decisions for the next few years. Give them a presence that shows you respect where they came from - cover any tattoos fully and learn the art of the button down.

The gig economy is here to stay, but there are still some great jobs to be had. Follow the tips above to land one of them!