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Decluttering Your Workspace for Greater Productivity

Job Upon December 10, 2021

Your environment has a profound impact on your productivity. A cluttered workspace can cause distractions and chaos that affect your efficiency and reduce the amount of work you accomplish in a day. These clutter-busting tips can help you get your workspace in ship-shape, so you can enjoy more productive days ahead.

Remove Non-Essential Materials

The fewer items on your desk, the better. That means that if something isn’t absolutely necessary, it needs a new home. Ideally, your desk would only hold a notepad for messages and notes as well as your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. However, if you work in certain industries, you may need resource materials, writing utensils, and other essentials on your desk as well.

Clear Out Visual Clutter

It’s not just about the mess and physical clutter on your desk. Visual clutter can be distracting as well. Choose your “decorations” with care. Also, consider installing shelves to get them off the desk and above your line of sight. Consider hanging organizers for files you need within easy reach, so that they are handy, but off your desk. More importantly, they are organized and in a single location, so you don’t have to sift through various “piles” of items to find them when you need them.

Organize Your Desk Daily – At the End of Your Workday

Making this your final activity of the day sets your next day up for maximum success. It means you’re leaving with a clean slate, or desk as the case may be, and returning in the morning without clutter getting in the way of starting your day.

Getting and keeping your desk clean and clear of clutter can help you face each new workday with greater peace of mind and enjoy greater productivity and efficiency at your job. Try them today and see what a difference they can make for your mental state and your performance at work.