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Creative Ways to Make Money During The Holidays

Job Upon November 10, 2020

We all feel that tiny crunch during the holidays for a little extra cash. There are plenty of creative ways you can bring in some extra money during this time of year. Keep reading to find out how you find the holiday spending money you need. 

Gift Wrapping

Are you a really great gift wrapper? Well, not everyone is. In fact, most people are not. Offering gift wrapping services is an easy way to make money right from the comfort of your home. You can advertise your services for free through your social media platforms. You can invest in wrapping supplies or encourage your customers to bring their own. Customers can drop off their gifts and pick them up later, wrapped, and ready to go. 

Child Care

There are a lot more social events going on during the holidays and parents are always in need of quality child care. Open up your home with child care services during the holidays. Offering child care a few nights a week inside your home can bring in some serious cash for shopping. You can advertise this service for free on your social media platforms as well.

House Cleaning

With family coming in, most people want their homes to look as good as possible. This usually means an annual deep clean, but who has time for that? House cleaning services are in big demand during this time of year. If you don't mind getting down and dirty, offer house cleaning services to your friends, family, or other locals through your social media outlets. Be sure to check local rates for this service to make sure you are paid fairly. 


Are you handy in the kitchen? 'Tis the season to eat, eat, eat but who is cooking all this food? If you have a few tried and true holiday recipes that everyone loves, offer them up for sale. People are always looking for something yummy to take into the office or a family gathering. This is also a service that can easily be advertised over your social media platforms. 

Making some extra holiday cash doesn't need to be complicated. Try some of these super simple ideas to get your holiday budget on track.