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5 Ways to Turn Economic Upturns Into Job Opportunities

Job Upon Feb 11, 2019

The U.S. economy is booming, manufacturing jobs truly are coming back, and an unemployment rate of about 4 percent is at a 17-year low. That means opportunities for new jobs and career advancement for people from virtually all walks of life. It also means increased competition for available jobs, as more people look to make changes that positively impact their incomes and career opportunities.

Here are five ways to turn the current economic boom into solid job opportunities and career advancement:

1. Do not rely on the Internet for job leads

The Internet is a wonderful resource that just about anyone can access. That means far more people responding to online job postings, and about 97 percent of applicants getting lost in the shuffle.

2. Focus on specific types of job providers

If you have career ambitions, you likely have career goals, too. Focusing job- and career-search efforts on a core group closely related to career goals eliminates irrelevant job postings.

3. Networking is key

The best way to find job leads is to meet others involved in the same or allied career fields and get to know them better. Many cities and regions have networking opportunities for people in virtually any industry or occupation. LinkedIn and other social media platforms are excellent tools for finding relevant networking opportunities in your area.

4. Grab their attention

Highly provocative cover letters that do not simply rehash career history and ambitions often receive positive reactions from hiring representatives. Bold, disruptive cover letters that seize the attention and enthuse job providers are best. Dare to be different and show it.

5. Volunteer work opens doors

Career goals often align with personal interests. Many localities have volunteer organizations and events that can put you in touch with others in the same or related fields of endeavor. Meeting and working together on volunteer projects is a great way to get known and discover great new opportunities.

Getting the greatest benefit from a booming economy with lots of job and career potential requires a substantial amount of effort. When done right, that effort can lead to opportunities.