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5 Job Trends to Watch in 2019

Job Upon June 10, 2019

Each year brings along a unique set of trends and waves of change that either negatively or positively impact your career. Technological advancement has caused rapid changes in workplaces the top 5 of which we discuss in depth.

1. Working remotely will become widely acceptable

The workforce is not only interested in monetary compensation and incentives but also in a healthy work-life balance. Apart from regular social events and scheduled vacations, today’s workforce is demanding for a flexible working environment. Organizations that will embrace technologies that facilitate remote working will reap the benefits of a happy and productive workforce.

2. Nearly all jobs have a data component

In this digital age, nearly all businesses run through data analytics. Firms are using data analysis to predict customer trends and competitive landscape.

3. Social recruitment is more prevalent in 2019

Now more than ever, organizations realize the need to hire employees whose values and personalities align with their vision, mission, and culture. To that end, employees are examining social media profiles during the recruitment process. More businesses are also putting up ads for vacant posts in their social media pages.

4. More companies are hiring non-tech workers

In the past decade, organizations placed a huge emphasis on hiring people with technical skills such as web developers, data scientists, software engineers, and so on. Although the demand for people with such skills will continue to be high, companies will shift their focus on hiring people who can perform such tasks as project management, social media marketing, sales representatives, and public relations managers.

5. More companies are emphasizing on skills acquisition

With more organizations embracing automation, up-skilling has become a necessity rather than an indulgence. Therefore, more organizations are taking employees through constant training and development.

Whether you are in search of your first full-time job or you need to change the direction of your career, it is essential to assess your skills and understand the current job trends. Companies not only have to adapt to changing technologies but also seek to meet the expectations of the new generation of workers.