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5 Important Resume Writing Tips

Job Upon November 8, 2019

While finding a job is hard enough, finding the job you really want is even harder. But to raise your chances of finding that dream job, setting yourself up for success with a top-notch resume is vital. However, knowing how to write these resumes can be a serious challenge. 

In this post, we’ll discuss 5 important resume writing tips to ensure your resume stands out from the crowd.

Include Names

Resumes are a place to showcase your accomplishments and skills. And a great way to do this is to drop names. If you’ve worked for well-known companies or reputable professionals, then be sure to add this information to your resume.

Don’t Go Overboard

While it's important to list many of your job experiences and accomplishments, you never want to go overboard with information on your resume. And given that many employers quickly skim over the thousands of resumes they have to review, most of this information will probably get overlooked anyway.

List Quality Skills

A big mistake job-seekers make is listing far too many skills on their resume. A good tip here is to list more unique skills rather than listing ones that the employer assumes you have already. Skills like email, Microsoft Office, and computer efficiency might come off as too basic.

List Only Professional Social Accounts

Listing social media accounts on your resume is becoming a common practice nowadays. However, it’s important to leave out your personal accounts unless they’re relevant to the job. Focus on including links to your LinkedIn account, but leave your personal Facebook and Instagram off this document unless they’re professional.

Include the Right Hobbies

Not all hobbies should be listed on your resume, but some can display exceptional personality qualities. Think about some of your hobbies that could relate to the position. Hobbies like running, lifting weights, volunteering, and painting could all prove to be very valuable for many employers.

While getting that dream job is never easy, sometimes it’s a matter of finding the job posting in the first place. Check out our job board and get that job you’ve been waiting for!