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Love to read? Consider a career in publishing

Job Upon October 12, 2022

For many people, choosing a career is all about finding a job that matches their interests and skills. If you're one of those people who love to read, you might want to consider a career in publishing. Publishing is a wide-ranging industry that offers plenty of opportunities for people with a passion for reading. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the different careers you can pursue in publishing.

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Should You Put Short Job Experiences on Your Resume?

Job Upon September 7, 2022

Short job experiences typically last fewer than 90 days. You might wonder if you should put these items on your resume or leave them out. These are some points for and against doing so.

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If a Company Does a Background Check, Are You Hired?

Job Upon August 9, 2022

Companies are increasingly choosy about who they hire. As part of a new level of due diligence, more companies are making a satisfactory background check a contingency for an official job offer. Background checks may cover things in your history like arrest records, legal complaints such as restraining orders, your credit record, your history of various residences, and even your online presence.

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Careers You Can Get With Experience as a Merchandiser

Job Upon July 8, 2022

The term "merchandiser" covers a broad spectrum of tasks. An entry-level job as a merchandiser might involve rearranging clothes and consulting with customers about their purchases, or it might involve other tasks like checking the inventory and stocking products. Some involve sales and cash handling as well. These are some of the careers you can aim for with your job as a merchandiser:

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How to Leapfrog Your Way up the Corporate Ladder

Job Upon June 6, 2022

Sometimes you want to get ahead at work without waiting years to do it. If you have high aspirations and want to get there as soon as possible, use these tips to leapfrog your way up the corporate ladder.

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