Turning Your Summer Job Into Permanent Employment

Job Upon July 8, 2019

Who ever wants to wake up from a great dream? When you are just getting to the awesome part - blam, blam, blam - your alarm clock goes off, the fall is here and you have to leave the best summer job you ever had. Can you make your great summer job permanent? It all depends on what your needs are and what the needs of your employer are. Remember, you are only in control of your own actions but that doesn't mean you can't maximize your output and those actions. Here are three tips on easy ways to stay on top this summer and possibly stay on.

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5 Job Trends to Watch in 2019

Job Upon June 10, 2019

Each year brings along a unique set of trends and waves of change that either negatively or positively impact your career. Technological advancement has caused rapid changes in workplaces the top 5 of which we discuss in depth.

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How Thank you Notes Help Get you Hired

Job Upon May 10, 2019

Technology-driven changes in the job market often leads to rapid growth in some occupations. Learn details about the five fastest-growing occupations, including the median salary for each career field.

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