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If a Company Does a Background Check, Are You Hired?

Job Upon August 9, 2022

Companies are increasingly choosy about who they hire. As part of a new level of due diligence, more companies are making a satisfactory background check a contingency for an official job offer. Background checks may cover things in your history like arrest records, legal complaints such as restraining orders, your credit record, your history of various residences, and even your online presence.

Is a Background Check a Guarantee That You’ll be Hired?

Because companies typically pay for a background check, it’s commonly assumed that they wouldn’t make that investment unless they planned to hire you. However, in most cases, the formal job offer is on a contingency basis. That is, you are not, in fact, hired, unless the company is fully satisfied with what they uncover in your background check.

What to do in the Meantime

As soon as you agree to undergo a background check, there are things you should do:

Clean up Your Social Media

First, take a look at your own social media profiles. Companies that do background checks will likely review your social media, too. If there is anything on there that could raise alarms, remove those posts. Of course, this will all depend upon what kind of job you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a job as a bartender, having lots of party pics with you socializing in bars could be viewed as a positive thing. But if you’re applying to work as a lab assistant, you might want to tone down the party-hardy vibe. You’ll need to be the judge on what to keep and what to delete.

Keep Looking For Jobs

As mentioned, having a background check done doesn’t guarantee that you’re hired. If the company finds anything they don’t like, they can revoke any job offer they may have made to you. They could also just send you a formal letter saying that they’ve decided not to hire you.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re not looking for work because you’re assuming your background check will come out spiffy clean. Keep searching the online job board, applying and interviewing. The more options you have, the better.