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How to Leapfrog Your Way up the Corporate Ladder

Job Upon June 6, 2022

Sometimes you want to get ahead at work without waiting years to do it. If you have high aspirations and want to get there as soon as possible, use these tips to leapfrog your way up the corporate ladder.

Always Ask For More Responsibility

Always be the one asking your boss for more responsibility. Even if it’s just asking to be the person in charge of planning the corporate event, it counts. Your boss will soon see that you are not shy about shouldering more responsibility. When it’s time to hand out promotions, your name will be at the top.

Apply For the Highest Position Possible

Many corporations make it a policy to hire from within whenever possible. They may post upcoming positions in a company newsletter or on an office bulletin board. When you see these openings come up, apply for the highest position possible, even if you aren’t currently qualified. The higher-ups will take notice and see that you have ambition and a desire to move up. You may even gain an executive mentor in the process, who is willing to give you a hand up the corporate ladder of success.

Continue Your Education

In the corporate world, education matters a great deal. Continue your education, even as you’re working a corporate job. If you have only a high school diploma, get your bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. If you have a bachelor's, get your master’s degree, and so on. You might also consider getting specific certifications if they are applicable. Be sure your boss and other higher-ups know that you’re continuing your education. This, too, will count a lot when it comes time for promotions.

Be a Leader

Take the time to be a leader to your existing colleagues. Always be ready to lend a hand, give advice or help a colleague to complete a project. This will not only give you valuable leadership experience; it will demonstrate to your boss that you have leadership abilities.

Although those who work in corporate for years are often rewarded with promotions, responsibility, and higher pay, not everyone wants to wait years to attain those things. These tips will have you sitting in the corner executive office in no time.