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Careers You Can Get With Experience as a Merchandiser

Job Upon July 8, 2022

The term "merchandiser" covers a broad spectrum of tasks. An entry-level job as a merchandiser might involve rearranging clothes and consulting with customers about their purchases, or it might involve other tasks like checking the inventory and stocking products. Some involve sales and cash handling as well. These are some of the careers you can aim for with your job as a merchandiser:

Merchandising Manager

You may be able to advance from your entry-level merchandising career where you're at. After spending some time there, you might have an opportunity if the company you work for believes in promoting from within. Otherwise, you could try with other companies, but you might need other credentials, such as a degree or certificate, to go along with your experience in merchandising.

Visual Merchandiser

You could also go in the direction of becoming a visual merchandiser. This position involves speaking to store managers about their displays and products. You'll be the person who helps the business to set up their displays and present the products in the most appealing ways. You might also set up window displays and catalogs to attract customers. The average pay for a visual merchandiser is around $56,000 a year.

Merchandising Coordinator

As a merchandising coordinator, you'll deal directly with businesses and retailers to ensure they have all the stock they need for their stores. If you work in the fashion industry, you'll need to stay abreast of the trends so that you can advise your clients on popular clothing styles. It's a cross between a salesperson, a brand ambassador, and a consultant. You could earn an income of around $50,000 in the upper tiers.

There are some opportunities for you if you want to start a career in merchandising. Consider some of the opportunities above, and then think about moving toward your career goals.